Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day!

Capt. Juls with a nice Canadian walleye

When summer began, people’s spirits were high and everyone was looking forward to all of their summer plans that they had been dreaming of since the cold dreary days of winter. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had a devious plan of her own to upset all those plans.

According to the meteorologists with 13ABC weather in Toledo, “The first day of summer was just a little over 2 weeks ago and the rain has been falling ever since. Since June 21st there have only been 2 days without a trace or more of rainfall. 13 out of the first 15 days of the season have been wet so far, with more storms in the forecast. During that time more than 2” has fallen at the Toledo airport, but localized areas have observed as much as 5” during that same time period.” That is an excessive amount of rain for one area. (Editors note: Port Clinton had 7.09” of rain in June.)

“How does this affect the fishing”, you ask? Well, it really hasn’t. The fishing is still good in the Western Basin, and really good up on the Canadian side of it. Unless it’s accompanied with strong winds from an onshore wind, or the storms are severe with a lot of lightning, the fish really don’t care. They’re already wet, so really, it fazes us much more than it fazes them.

Whether you’re trolling or drift casting for your dinner, you need to follow the fish. They will be moving a lot in the next month while the water temperatures rise. Right now the water temperature in the open waters of Lake Erie is at 71.9 degrees. Look to deeper water with more current to find suspended fish willing to bite.

Good luck and good fishing to you!

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