Camp Perry Shooting Club

Terry Schuetz, Tom Martin, Bob Geiner, and Karen Anders at the Camp Perry Shooting Club

Since the early 1970s the Camp Perry Shooting Club has been a place shooters could go to practice trap and skeet shooting. Young or old, male or female, everyone is welcome at the Camp Perry Shooting Club. “Don’t be intimidated,” says John Bowers, manager of the shooting club. “We welcome all levels of skill here and are more than happy to help anyone out with what they would need. Everyone has to start somewhere.”

At the club, which is located on the grounds of Camp Perry just west of Port Clinton, the first left after entering the gates, there are 8 shooting stations for skeet and 25 skeet per round. Ammunition is available to buy at the club, but shooters are encouraged to bring their own due to shortages nationwide. Also available at the club is coffee and conversation. Bowers said that not only is shooting a confidence building sport, but it is also a way to meet people with the same interests. 

Terry Schuetz, Karen Anders, Tom Martin, and Bob Geiner were shooting a round on Thursday. Shuetz, Martin, and Geiner all agreed that Karen Anders is the one to beat. They said that she always beats them all, but they keep coming back as the laughs and the camaraderie seem to be worth the beating Karen gives them.

Bowers welcomes everyone to come out to the Camp Perry Shooting Club to shoot, grab a cup of coffee, or to shoot the breeze. “Get granddad’s old shot-gun out here and give it a try.”

For more information, call 419-635-2682.

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