Walleye and perch fishing still great in the Western Basin

Larry Crum Jr., happy with his catch

It’s been a strange fishing season this year. Normally we have to chase the nomadic walleye around to different areas of the lake as they follow their forage base, but this season they have been staying in relatively the same areas for a couple of months. The east side of Pelee Island and the weather buoy have been consistently holding walleye for many months. While the size of fish on Northwest Reef or the “Kidney” as it’s referred to, are smaller than earlier in the year, they are still being caught there. Reports of nice size walleye are being caught on the reefs out in front of Port Clinton, too.

The perch have been moving around a lot more this season, but can still be found in and around the islands, all around Pelee Island and over near Vermilion and Huron.

Over the season I have written about things like looking at your sonar to locate fish in the water column and determining where the “strike zone” is, how to use line counter reels to get your baits in the strike zone, and how being organized can help you be successful on the water. Here is another little tip to help you put fish in the boat. This will allow you to have all the information you need right at your fingertips. Granted, this tip is for those with a smart phone, so if you don’t have a smart phone you can print out the information from your computer and just keep it on the boat someplace.

Do a web search for “Dive Curve Charts for inline weights”, “Dive Curve Charts for Tadpoles” (#1, #2, #3’s), and “Dive Curve Charts for 40 Tru-Trip Jets”. Then save the image of the dive curve chart to your smart phone. Place them in their own photo album, so you don’t have to spend time searching for them in your main photo album. Then, when you want to look up how much line is needed out to get your baits in the strike zone, you can simply click on the picture and get the information you seek.

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