Conservation Day at East Harbor State Park

Rescued birds from the rehabilitation facility Back to the Wild

Saturday, Aug. 10, was East Harbor State Park’s ninth annual Conservation Day. The event hosted many children and adults who wanted to learn about Lake Erie and the environment. Many attendees were campers from East Harbor State Park who rode their bicycles to the event. One of the main attractions at Conservation Day was the exhibit from the wildlife rehabilitation center Back to the Wild out of Castalia. Employees from Back to the Wild talked about the effects of people on the environment and an animal’s habitat. A bald eagles, a buzzard, five owls, a red tailed hawk and a kestrel were on display. Children and adults alike were fascinated by the birds.

The event also had employees from the EPA, the Ohio Division of Wildlife, Ohio State’s Stone Laboratory and others. There were hands-on stations where visitors could make crafts, see animals, reptiles, or insects, make fishing lures, or get their face painted. Literature was also handed out to those who wanted it about the environment and education about Ohio’s animals, fish, and insects.

Carly with an employee from Ohio State’s Stone Laboratory handling a fox snake

By the turnout at Conservation Day, it is evident that the people of the area and visitors to our area value our greatest natural resource, Lake Erie, and all of its surrounding habitats and creatures. The organizations and East Harbor State Park take pride in educating youth and adults about the effects they can have on the environment and how important it is to take pride in our environment.

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