Back to the Wild attends Bald Eagle Day Featured

At the Migratory Bird Center on Saturday, April 5, at Magee Marsh near Oak Harbor, bird lovers had a chance to see a bald eagle close up, thanks to Back to the Wild. Magee Marsh has a bald eagle nest on the north side of the park next to the parking lot by the boardwalk. Bird watchers flock to the parking lot to get a view of the eagles incubating the eggs in their nest.

Back to the Wild has rescued over 42,500 wild animals and has had 119 bald eagles admitted to the center since 1990. On Saturday, they brought owls, a kestrel, a red tailed hawk and their rescued bald eagle. The bald eagle, which lost her sight due to West Nile Virus, cannot be returned safely to the wild. She now serves as an education bird.

Magee Marsh is also doing renovations to their birding boardwalk. The boardwalk is 25 years old and falling into disrepair. The Friends of Magee Marsh is conducting a campaign to raise $300,000 to refurbish the boardwalk. The funds will allow them to replace the decking and rails, stabilize the tower, and make other improvements to ensure the boardwalk remains open to the public.

After a long, harsh winter many nature lovers jumped at the chance to come out to the marsh and bird watch. It was a special treat to have Back to the Wild there, offering a chance to see large birds of prey up close.

To learn more about Back to the Wild or to donate to their cause, call 419-684-9539 or write Back to the Wild c/o Mona Rutger, Director, 4505 Bardshar Rd., P.O. Box 423, Castalia, OH 44824.


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