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On Thursday, July 24, the third annual Day on the Wildside was held at America’s oldest hunt club, Winous Point. Day on the Wildside is a one day camp, lasting 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m., facilitated by Winous Point Marsh Conservancy, Ottawa Soil & Water Conservation District, Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife and United States Fish and Wildlife Service. There were 40 volunteers from these and other professional organizations that enabled the camp to run smoothly.

This year, 58 children ranging from fifth to eighth grade attended the camp. 

“Last year we had 16 kids on the waiting list to attend the camp last year,” said Becky Simpson, Education Specialist and Fiscal Manager at Ottawa Soil & Water Conservation District. “We try to keep attendance to about 60; we did have two kids cancel at the last minute.”

“With so many kids interested in the program, we decided to add a high school aged program for students interested in a career in conservation,” said Simpson. 

The camp had five stations that the students rotated through throughout the day; shooting, fishing, archery, bird banding/tree planting and identification, and punt boating. The focus at each station was to safely introduce the students to the activities.

“It is important to have the kids learn outdoor activities in a safe environment,” said Simpson. “The goal is to get kids outside to play more and show them how to do it safely and to have a good time doing it. Someone might pick up a bow and arrow, not know how to use it, get frustrated and not pick it up again. If we show them how to use the tools and do it right, then maybe more of them will be more active in these activates.”

Day on the Wild Side 2014

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