Patience Pays Off!

Patience is a learned practice, and it can pay off big time if you’re willing to wait things out.  This morning I had a perch trip with clients, but I hadn’t been perch fishing in weeks, so I asked a friend who had been out as recently as yesterday where he caught them, and he shared a general location on the NW side of Green Island. 

According to the perch reports on the various fishing websites for this area, the perch fishing has been going strong around Green and Rattlesnake Islands for some time now; about a month to be exact. We headed out early, and were the first boat in the area this morning, so we set “anchor” with the Terrova’s Spot Lock feature as soon as I marked perch-like marks on my electronics.

We caught a few perch, but it wasn’t as fast as I like it, so I lost my patience and with a touch of a button, we moved.  We only moved about 3/10th of a mile east of that spot and set up again. We started catching a few nice perch here and there, along with some white perch to keep it interesting. 

It wasn’t long and other boats were headed out to do some perch fishing too. They didn’t stop by us. They kept going further north towards the NW side of Rattlesnake. I began to wonder if we should move again, and head that way. Then, it was like I could hear my Dad telling me to be patient. “They will find you”, he said in his soft calming voice, so I stayed put.

It’s very easy to lose patience, and want to move to where everyone else is, but having patience can pay off, and you’ll enjoy the day even more when you have a spot all to yourselves that ends up being productive.  That’s happened to us today. We waited patiently, and they found us. The bite was pretty close to “up and down” towards the end too!

So, the next time you go out perch fishing, try a spot away from the pack. Be patient, let them find you, and you too might be delighted with the results.

Good luck and be safe!

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