Perch fishing is getting better in the western basin

Cathy Boreako

Our precious Lake Erie is turning green in the Western Basin, but from reports I have read the colder water temperatures this season are keeping it from turning to pea soup in major amounts like past seasons. But, this report is not about the green goo, it is about another green colored water creature; our beautiful Lake Erie perch. 

As you are well aware, we had a major cold front last week, with strong northwest winds that blew for 3 days straight. The walleye bite had slowed down, so I took an opportunity to go after some perch. From the reports I could gather, several areas are doing well for limits of nice sized perch. There’s a big area up on the northwest side of North Bass Island, that’s south of “Taco Bell” (red can on the border), that’s doing very well right now. Expect to go through a lot of smaller throw back sized perch, white perch, and sheephead to get a limit of 8-12 inch sized perch.

Favorable reports from around G-Can, B-Can and C-Can, and even closer, the green can out in front of the Catawba State Park launch are doing very well right now too. I talked to some anglers coming off the water the other day at Catawba that had their limit of 90 perch in only two hours! So, when you head out of that launch, you don’t have to go very far to start catching them.

The perch that are in the south passage, out in front of Mazurik’s Boat Access, the Marblehead lighthouse, and Cedar Point have slowed down from weeks of good fishing before that. The grade of fish is smaller right now too.

I haven’t heard any good reports of perch fishermen catching good quality limits on the east side of Kelleys right now, which is a bit strange, because this time of year is usually pretty good over there in 40+ foot of water.

I’ll be back to doing walleye trips this weekend, so I should have a better walleye report for you next week.

Good luck and be safe!

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