How to Net a Fish

Jordan, Rick and Chase

Until yesterday, I had never given it a second thought that someone might not know how to net a fish. I sometimes forget that what comes as second nature to me is a very new experience to someone else and can be quite challenging. I thought I would share this experience with all of you in the hope it is helpful.


Fishing remains good in the Western Basin

June 21st was the first day of summer, and the temperatures are rising. It was a cooler than normal spring here in the Port Clinton area, but it feels like that is behind us now. As the water temperatures rise and get into the 70’s the big walleye are starting to move to the deeper/cooler waters to the east. As of last week the water temperature in this area was 66-69 degrees off shore.

At this time there are still plenty of big fish to be found in the Western Basin. From west of the islands, in and around Niagara Reef, C Can, to the northeast up to the red  buoy North of North Bass is still producing great catches with several “Fish Ohio’s” in the bunch. Those with Canadian licenses are having much success on both sides of Pelee Island as well. If you don’t have a Canadian license, you can fish the Canadian line between North Bass and Middle Island by either trolling or drift casting crawler harnesses or trolling with spoons and crankbaits for nice sized walleye.


Rise of the Mayfly

Jerry Cohen with a nice June Lake Erie Walleye

This past week I watched as the clouds of Mayflies rose from the bottom of Lake Erie to the surface of the water on my boat’s sonar. On Sunday morning they were in the 10 foot range of the water column, and by Monday night they were covering the sides of shoreline homes and boats sitting in the marinas in a thick blanket of wings and curved up tails.

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