What a Great Holiday Weekend!

Shane Meek

Who could ask for more? The weather was fantastic, and the fish cooperated nicely.  

Light winds made fishing very pleasant and moving around from spot to spot was an easy task.  Fish were everywhere from in close, up to Canada, and to the east of the Western Basin. While some resident big fish can still be caught on the end, the majority have been on the move, due to the water temperatures rising. Temps are now in the high 60s in most places, and the big girls are on the move to cooler/deeper waters to the east.


How fast can you troll?

One important factor when trolling is speed. Some baits are meant to be trolled slow, like a crawler harness. A typical crawler harness is 5 to 6 feet in length with two or sometimes three hooks, colored beads and a plain or painted blade that spins on a clevis.

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