BCS officials visit Salem Township

On September 17, officials from the Benton-Carroll-Salem School District met with the Salem Township Board of Trustees at their regular meeting held at the Salem Township Hall.

  Mr. Jeff Dornbusch, President of the B-C-S Board of Education, introduced new Treasurer Tim Coffman and new Superintendent Guy Parmigian.  Mr. Dornbusch explained to the Board of Trustees the process of hiring the new B-C-S leaders, and explained how they were selected from a very high quality group of candidates.  Mr. Dornbusch commented that  “B-C-S is an excellent district that continues to attract high quality candidates for employment.” 

Mr. Dornbusch applauded the diligent work of Coffman in promptly getting the school district’s finances in order.  Upon his introduction, Superintendent Guy Parmigian explained that it was his privilege to be selected as the superintendent of B-C-S Schools, and that it is his priority to make stronger connections between the schools and community.  Parmigian explained that he wanted to be good neighbors and work closely with local elected officials to help each other out where possible. 

Treasurer Tim Coffman added that it was important for everyone to work together because all local government entities are living within tight budgets. Then Parmigian declared that he would be focused on continuing to strengthen the district while being fiscally responsible.  Parmigian further explained that he has an open door policy, and welcomed all present to not hesitate to contact him if anyone has any questions or concerns they wish to bring to his attention.  Parmigian went on to stress the fact that the schools of Benton-Carroll-Salem School District belong to the people of the district and that he will not forget this. Parmigian offered his phone number to the trustees and told them not to hesitate to call if they have any concerns, and concluded by asking the trustees for their thoughts on the potential sale of Graytown and Carroll schools.

Officials from both B-C-S Schools and Salem Township renewed their commitment to work together in the future for the benefit of the residents and families they serve.

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