Immaculate Conception First Graders Discover Local Treasurers

ICCS first graders at the Keeper’s House ICCS first graders at the Keeper’s House

The first graders at Immaculate Conception Catholic School learned last week that you don’t need to travel far to find exciting stories of adventure,  war, Indians, and life on the frontier. 

A lesson of history and heritage was on tap for the day for this group of young explorers. 
To start the day, Mrs. Rita McNutt, first grade teacher at I.C.S., took the first graders to the Marblehead Coast Guard Station.  The class had the opportunity to board one of the rescue boats used by the station.  Coast Guard personnel explained to the class the important job they have of keeping all who travel on our Great Lake safe. 
The next stop was the Marblehead Lighthouse.  The class heard the story of the first lighthouse keeper Benajah Wolcot and witnessed first-hand the beauty of Marblehead’s most photographed landmark.  After hearing the story of Benajah climbing the lighthouse stairs to light the thirteen wicks housed at the top, they climbed the stairs to enjoy the view.
The class learned about life on the frontier as they visited the Keeper’s House, the oldest known residence in Ottawa County.  A history lesson of war and survival on what was called the “The Firelands” was fascinating to hear.
The first graders ended the day knowing how lucky they are to live in an area with such a vibrantly rich history. After the New Year, the class will be architects of a lighthouse of their choice and study the history behind those beacons of light.

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