Students learn that money matters

On March 5 over 150 eight graders participated in the “Finance 101 Walk the Walk” Event held at Oak Harbor High School. The purpose of the event was to allow students to experience the importance of financial literacy in a fun and interactive way.

DECA members contacted Brenda Schwind of Directions Credit Union and Michael Barr of Commodore Perry Credit Union to ask for their assistance in bringing this event to the area. Northwest Ohio Credit Unions have been sponsoring this event for several years, but this is the first time it has been held in Oak Harbor

Students travel around a life-size game board while making financial choices by drawing cards, rolling dice or spinning a wheel. Similar to real-life, there is uncertainty at every corner as well as opportunities to make sound financial decisions. Members of DECA and the credit unions helped students in making smart financial decisions as they moved through the game. The topics included insurance, savings, credit, and other adult responsibilities.

The event was one of several activities planned by Oak Harbor DECA members to promote financial literacy. The theme for the chapter’s campaign is “Your Money Matters-Just Know”.

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