ICS second grade had festive winter

ICS second grade had festive winter

The last several months have been full of fun for the second graders of Immaculate Conception School. Mrs. Penny Boyd’s second grade class celebrated 100 days of school by stringing together, in groups of 10, one hundred pieces of cereal that they then wore as colorful necklaces. They also wore 100 day stickers and made drawings of themselves and what they felt they would look like in 100 years. In addition, a student won a prize every 10 minutes throughout the day, and for every 100th minute the student won two prizes.

The second graders were also busy with hands-on activities that taught telling time and counting money. Finally, to prepare for Lent, second graders, together with the ICS Kindergarteners, created a St. Francis of Assisi float to enter into a contest for the Parish Mardi Gras party. A second grader partnered up with a kindergartener, chose an animal, colored and cut it out and then they decorated the float as a team. 

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