St. Boniface launches innovative crowdfunding program

St. Boniface launches innovative crowdfunding program

This isn’t your mother’s fundraiser. Unless you mother is a tech-savvy media maven who’s more at home doing social networking than decorating cupcakes for a bake sale. Then maybe this is

her fundraiser. 

St. Boniface Catholic School, famous for fish frys and chicken BBQ is taking it to the web with a crowdfunding campaign. “The Little School That Could” is launching the St. Boniface S.A.F.E. Playground Project on S.A.F.E. stands for Safe, Accessible Fun for Everyone, and is the catchphrase for a project that includes a fence around the current playground and a new swing for students with physical disabilities.

The website defines crowdfunding as the pooling of small contributions of funds from a group of people for the purpose of making something larger happen. Rather than a one-time event to raise money, word of an ongoing project is spread through email, texting, Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media. A campaign usually lasts over a month, and in that time people interested in supporting the project can donate various amounts of money and receive thank you gifts, or “perks” for their support. The project has its own page on where those interested in following the campaign can check in to get updates and see how close it is to reaching its funding goal. 

St. Boniface has been slowly but steadily improving its playground. Quinton Babcock, an alumnus, earned his Eagle Scout badge by securing a grant for a new play structure to replace a well-worn jungle gym. New shock-absorbing foundation was laid down last summer, and parent volunteers freshened up the swings and monkey bars with a colorful coat of paint. 

But a first grader with cerebral palsy has outgrown a swing provided by her parents, and this fall a new class of preschoolers will be joining the school.

“With opening a preschool this fall, we really need a fence around the playground. Younger children just aren't always aware of the dangers of traffic, and they really are safer in an enclosed area where they can be more closely supervised,” said Jillian Drill, president of the School Advisory Council. 

"We welcome everyone here at St. Boniface,” said principal Milagros Greggila. “We have students of other faiths, students with IEPS, children with physical challenges. We want them all to be safe, feel welcome and have fun. That's why we need to upgrade our playground.”

The faculty and staff of St. Boniface recognize the support they have received from both the parish and surrounding community. “We truly appreciate the prayers and contributions we’ve been given by our parishioners, parents, and the people in this entire area,” continued principal Greggila. “And we certainly welcome any further help. But we also recognize that there are others who have not heard of us who would like to support faith-based education. Crowdfunding is a way to reach out, to extend the opportunity to make a difference to many other generous, caring people. And we really do have some neat ‘perks’ made by our students,” she added.

The St. Boniface S.A.F.E. Playground Project will launch on on April 22. If interested in donating or following the campaign, go to and search by the title St. Boniface S.A.F.E playground Project.

St. Boniface Catholic School serves students in grades K-6 of all religions, racial, ethnic and income backgrounds. For information on the curriculum, admissions policies and registration contact the school office at (419) 898-1340 or visit the website at







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