Grandparents celebrated at St. Boniface

Alexis Stark and “Poppy” Ron Hensley have fun at recess.

Meghan (top) and Kateri (bottom) Glenn with their VIPs brother Patrick and sister -in -law Darla Glenn.

The hallways hummed with anticipation. Children practiced songs in the music classroom, darting expectant glances to the hallway. The pasta sauce simmered. The craft tables lay ready. And then, they arrived.

The grandparents.

Grandparents’ / VIP Day is eagerly awaited and joyfully celebrated each fall at St. Boniface Catholic School. The day began with students sitting with their VIPs during the celebration of the Mass. Children and their loved ones then participated in art activities, drawing pictures of good times spent together. There were family photos taken and decorated, colored handprints made together, and happy memories shared while new ones were made. Then there was time for recess and touring classrooms before sitting down to a pasta dinner.

“It’s very nice, we enjoyed the whole morning,” said Jean Whiteside who attended with her grandsons, Seamus and Isaac McHale.

“It’s so interesting, to be able to step out of our world and step into our grandkid’s world and see it through their eyes,” added Lucia Kousino, also grandmother of the McHale children.

First grader Toby Karl said his favorite part was playing with Legos and drawing pictures together. His classmate Seamus McHale said just being with his grandparents was the best thing of all.

“The activities really added to the day,” said Yvonne Rosiak, who has two grandchildren attending St. Boniface. “The day flew by. And the teachers and staff are so cooperative. The school has a very happy environment. You can tell the kids are glad to come here.”

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