ICS students recognize International Day of Peace

Students at Immaculate Conception School have thought long and hard about the importance of peace this month. The students were able to spend Sept. 10th at Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial and truly spend some time reflecting and giving thanks for the gift of Peace. So it is only fitting that the students celebrate Sept. 21st , International Day of Peace, or as it is sometimes referred, World Peace Day. Sept. 21st is dedicated to world peace, the end to war, and an end to violence of any sort. 

The day was first celebrated in 1982. Mrs. Jacki Brown teaches religion to grades three, four, and five at Immaculate Conception School. Her classes spent some time on Friday reflecting and praying for an end to violence in our communities, our country, and our world. The classes created pin wheels for peace. The pinwheel has become a symbol for people across the world of the desire for world peace. The brightly colored pinwheels all displayed words of peace and love.

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