Graytown Building alive with children again

Pictured above (from left to right) at the front of the former Graytown Elementary School, and now North Point’s new regional operations hub is B-C-S Superintendent Guy Parmigian, B-C-S Board Member Kim Dusseau, North Point Governing Board Member Carole Kuns, and North Point Superintendent Douglas Crooks.

The sale of the former Graytown Elementary School building (located at 1661 N. Walker Street) was officially completed on Monday evening, October 7th.  The building was sold to the North Point Educational Service Center after their Governing Board took action on Monday evening to approve a purchase agreement already approved by the Benton-Carroll-Salem Board of Education.

“It was great to hear the voices of children and the sounds of learning taking place at the Graytown Building again,” said B-C-S Superintendent Guy Parmigian after touring the building.  Mr. Parmigian went on to explain that the North Point Educational Service Center is a public entity, governed by an elected Board, which serves the education needs of over 20 school districts in several counties in the area. North Point provides pre-school, special education, therapists, and other innovative and specialized educational services to school districts so that they can efficiently and effectively meet the needs of their student population.  The Graytown Building will house offices, classrooms, meeting rooms for teacher professional development, and will serve as the regional hub of operations for North Point Educational Service Center.  North Point’s former regional headquarters was located at the Camper Building in Genoa.

There are many advantages for B-C-S Schools in having North Point as a close neighbor including shorter bus routes for students educated in North Point classrooms, and closer access to professional development meetings for teachers and administrators. Mr. Parmigian also added that he believed one of the major factors that influenced the B-C-S Board’s sale of the Graytown Building to North Point is the belief that they, as a public education entity, will be good and responsible occupants of the Graytown Building, and will be good neighbors for the community for decades to come.  “I believe that it very much pleases our Board of Education and members of the Graytown community that a public enterprise focused on teaching and learning like North Point Educational Service Center will be the new inhabitants of the historic and remarkable Graytown school building,” said Parmigian.

North Point Educational Service Center will be hosting an Open House on Tuesday, October 29th from 2—6 PM to celebrate being a member of the Benton Township community, and to show citizens how the building is being used.

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