Math Madness at PCMS

Port Clinton Middle School students, Zoe Hines and Samantha Sneider, yell out their answers during the Math Madness competition. Mr. Ron Aukerman, PCMS STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) teacher served as the judge of the competition.

Students were yelling and cheering in the Port Clinton Middle School gymnasium. There were signs, team uniforms and crowd support for their favorite team. It wasn’t a pep rally or sporting event, it was simply Fleet 6 (grade 6) excited about Math. Friday, Oct. 25, was the final competition for “Math Madness” which started six weeks ago in the classrooms with ten teams. Each Friday, the teams competed against each other to quickly solve the most math flash cards. PCMS teachers developed Math Madness to strengthen basic math facts. The final two teams were the “Top Thrill Math-sters” led by Ms. Kelley and the “Brain-E-Acs” led by Mrs. Arthur. It was a fight to the finish but the “Top Thrill Math-sters” won the Championship. 

More pictures and a video of the event can be seen at or the Port Clinton City School District Facebook Page.

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