PCHS Ice Cream Challenge using cold facts

Port Clinton High School Marketing students Ashlynn Slauterbeck, Cal Laurel & Lisa Niceswanger ready to sell their market-researched ice cream treats at PCHS. (Their teammate John Morton is missing from photo.)

The Introduction to Marketing students at Port Clinton High School just finished a unit on marketing research and put their learning to the test-an Ice Cream Challenge. After gathering secondary information, or cold hard facts, on popular ice cream flavors and toppings, students were given the task to conduct primary research using short surveys to select the top flavor and three mix-ins to offer. Students had to name, price, advertise and sell their creations. Mr. Hollister, PCHS Marketing Teacher, required a shopping list as to what specifically to buy and the quantity. Once they calculated the break-even point and cost per serving, they determined what price they would charge.  

Students were divided into four teams of four and sold their sweet treats during PCHS lunches on Tuesday, Nov. 26. The winning team of Libby Showalter, Kennedy Gulas, Taylor Zink and Lauren Wheeler used social media, personal selling and other creative advertising to help their cause. This team will determine what lucky charity will receive the $243.43 in profit from this fun research project.

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