PCHS presents “The Wedding Singer”

PCHS presents “The Wedding Singer”

The Port Clinton High School Drama Club will present its student production of “The Wedding Singer” on Friday and Saturday, March 21 and 22, at 7:30 p.m. at the PCHS Performing Arts Center.

Robbie Hart, a wedding singer, played by Seth Bickel, lives with his Grandma Rosie, played by Haley Klima, in Ridgefield, New Jersey. He and his band members play a great wedding gig. During his usual “warm-up-the-crowd-routine,” Robbie proudly announces that he will be married to his beloved fiancée Linda, played by Kiya Brown, the next day. After the wedding gig that night, Robbie tries to write a sweet (eventually corny) love song to Linda, with help from his waitress friend, Julia Sullivan, played by Alyson Shaler, whom he had just met during the previous wedding. The following day, however, Linda dumps Robbie at the altar, with only a note claiming that she wants to be the wife of a rock star and not just a wedding singer. Meanwhile, an anxious Julia goes out to dinner with her Wall Street boyfriend, Glen Guglia, played by Ian Kyle, hoping he will pop the question, which he does.

Robbie falls into a deep depression but is urged by his bandmates Sammy, played by Keegan Lowe, and George, played by Jack Warner, and even his grandmother, to use that intense emotion to get back on his feet. However, the angry Robbie does nothing but enrage the guests at the next wedding gig, and he is soon thrown into the dumpster, literally, by the bridal wedding party. With some convincing from his friend Julia, Robbie does “Come Out of the Dumpster” but changes his singing gigs strictly to bar mitzvahs. After the Shapiro bar mitzvah, Julia convinces Robbie to help her register for her wedding, as her fiancé Glen is, as usual, busy with business-related affairs.

While at the mall, Robbie and Julia meet up with Julia’s cousin and best friend, Holly, played by Cheyenne Meek, who convinces the faux duo that Julia needs to practice her wedding kiss. Robbie and Julia awkwardly, and lovingly, kiss, only to be interrupted by the reality that Julia is marrying Glen. After seeing the kiss, Holly decides that she should go out with Robbie. Julia, still shocked by the kiss, hastily agrees with Holly. Much later that night, Robbie, Holly, Julia, Glen, Sammy, and George go to a club in New York City. Here Robbie finally realizes that Glen is a cheater and that he, Robbie, loves Julia. Holly realizes this, too, and tells Robbie that Julia is marrying Glen because of his money and security. Upon hearing this, Robbie exclaims, “Maybe I could change!” Will Robbie change? Come see this hilarious musical to find out!

Other cast members include Laura Helmer, who plays Angie, Julia’s mother; and Kayla Armendariz, Gina Buono, Ericka Castillo, Shelby Crowl, Michael Davis, Jon Emmons, Samantha Emmons, Kate Fontana, Allison Gilleland, Halee Jones, Lily Madison, Morrisa Mallory, Salvatore Martell, Arreselia Rangel, Miranda Rawlins, Natalie Stitak, Alex Suter, Courtney Trent, and Leah Warner, who comprise the Ensemble.

“The Wedding Singer” is directed by Paul Anderson, who is assisted by Eric Watts, vocals and pit director and technical consultant; Hilary Watts, choreographer; Bobby Good, set construction; and Beth Jadwisiak, costumes. Tickets will go on sale Friday, March 14, for $8 in the high school office, or they may be purchased at the PAC box office the nights of the show.

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