Flagship Awards

Pictured, left to right:  Port Clinton Board of Education Vice President Beth Benko; Flagship Award recipients Jeff Dornbusch, Captain Award; Lori Urban, First Mate Parent Award; Scott Cross and Mike Spencer, Captain Staff Award; Superintendent of Schools Patrick D. Adkins; and David Belden, Board of Education President.

The Port Clinton City Schools have announced the recipients of the Flagship Awards.

Scott Cross and Mike Spencer, Captain Award 

Port Clinton City Schools Leadership Council Advisors Scott Cross and Mike Spencer are to be commended on the success of the Ohio Association of Student Councils Leadership conference, which took place April 24-26. The planning for this event, which brought over 300 middle and high school students to our community, began well over a year ago. In organizing this conference, Scott and Mike provided an excellent example of the kind of leadership skills we seek to mold in tomorrow’s leaders.

In addition to planning the logistics of small group workshops, key note speakers, luggage storage, the dance and banquet dinner for over 300, Scott and Mike planned the housing for all the visiting student leaders. Port Clinton families answered the call. The event was a success and students, advisors and parents were left with a positive image of what the community and schools are all about. The conference was an excellent opportunity for young student leaders to develop leadership skills. The entire PCHS Leadership Council, led by Mr. Cross and Mr. Spencer, provided the organization and leadership that resulted in a successful conference. In appreciation, the Port Clinton City School District presented Scott Cross and Mike Spencer the Captain Award. 

Jeff Dornbusch, Captain Award 

As Treasurer, Jeff Dornbusch has worked tirelessly to provide opportunities for Port Clinton City Schools to be in a position of strong financial stability. Jeff has invested a great deal of time restructuring health care options for the staff that are affordable and promote positive health. The transition to a Health Care Consortium and changes in benefits required extraordinary efforts. During the process, he also took great care to insure each and every employee’s best interests were identified. He continues to research opportunities for the district to capitalize and maximize the operational efficiencies of the district, such as refinancing bonds, straight A grant applications, transition of the pre-school and restructuring of ESC contracts.

In the Jim Collins book, “Good to Great”, it is stated that “good is the enemy of great”, because it can lead to companies becoming satisfied with the status quo and not searching for opportunities to make themselves great. Jeff continues to embrace new ideas, whether his or others’, to provide opportunities for the Port Clinton City School District to achieve greatness and not stop at the status quo. In appreciation for all he does, for the Port Clinton City School District presented Jeff Dornbusch with a Flagship Captain Award.

Lori Urban, First Mate Award 

Lori Urban is a PCHS alumnus, parent, and longtime community partner with the Port Clinton City School District. She is always willing to help the Port Clinton City School District by lending her time and talents. Plants and flowers from Otto & Urban always make school programs and graduation more festive. Lori was instrumental in the passage of the 2009 bond issue by serving as a chairperson, resulting in the beautiful new buildings the district has today.

She is a faithful Redskins fan, not only for her daughter Bethany, but cheering on all our student athletes in various Port Clinton sports. Most recently, she helped transform the PCHS Gym into a beautiful banquet setting for the hundreds of students that attended the Ohio Association of Student Councils 61st annual conference.

The Port Clinton City Schools presented Lori Urban with the Flagship First Mate Award for her commitment to the students of the Port Clinton City School District and for always going the extra mile.

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