PCHS presents year end awards at Honors Assembly

Mr. Bill Hollister, PCHS Marketing Teacher, presents Eryn Nason with the Marketing Education Department Award at the Port Clinton High School Honors Assembly.

Port Clinton High School held the annual Honors Assembly on May 23.  The following awards were presented for the 2013-14 school year:

Honoring student achievement and hard work is the purpose of The President’s Education Awards Program.  To be eligible for The President’s Award for Educational Excellence, students must have a grade point average of 3.5 or higher in the fall semester of their senior year.  They must also receive recommendations from teachers in either school involvement or leadership abilities. President’s Award for Educational Achievement were presented to students who have met the grade point criteria, and have shown tremendous growth, but do not meet all criteria for the Presidential Award for Excellence. 

Both awards include a certificate signed by the President, the Secretary of Education, and the school principal, along with a letter of congratulations from President Obama. 

President’s Award for Educational Excellence

Ericka Castillo, Alayne Herevia, Tiffany Colston, Hannah Kneisley, Noah Cross, Ian Kyle, Shelby Gerwin, Cheyenne Meek, Jeffrey Griffin, Hannah Sarty, Molly Haberman, Amber Wuersig.

Presidents’ Award for Academic Achievement

Kelly Althaus; James Olsen; Morgan Donahue; Lance Taylor;  Halee Jones; Darryl Trent; Morgan McGlothlin; Christopher Weaver; Ryan Norgard.

Department Awards:  

Art- Shannon Gardner-Pumphrey; Business and Technology - Dylan Stacy; Career Development- Shelby Klima; English-Madison Baxter; Mathematics - Lance Taylor; Music- Hannah Kneisley; Physical Education - Paige Culver; Science- Cheyenne Meek; Social Studies- Cameron King; Technology and Engineering - Darryl Trent; Marketing Education  – Eryn Nason.

Class Officer Awards

Class of 2017:  President – AJ Carpenter; Vice President – Morgan Dominguez; Secretary – Alyssa Krupp; Treasurer – Shelby Crowl.  Class of 2016: President - Emily Shaw; Vice President - Bethany Urban; Secretary - Kelsey Dietrich; Treasurer - Taylor Steyer.  Class of 2015:  President – Gabe DeFreitas; Vice President – Ty Gallogly; Secretary – Hannah Weaver; Treasurer – Shelby Radloff.  Class of 2014 Officers:  Madison Baxter; Ian Kyle; Brock Moore; Hannah Sarty.

Honor Diplomas 2014

Noah Cross, Shelby Gerwin, Jeffrey Griffin, Molly Haberman, Halee Jones, Hannah Kneisley, Ian Kyle, Morgan McGlothlin, Cheyenne Meek, James Olsen, Meghan  O’Neal, Hannah Sarty, Lance Taylor.

National Honor Society

Tiffany Colston, Noah Cross, Leah Evans, Shelby Gerwin, Molly Haberman, Alayne Herevia, Cameron King, Hannah Kneisley, Ian Kyle, Morgan McGlothlin, Cheyenne Meek, Jennifer Salazar, Hannah Sarty, Lance Taylor, Amber Wuersig.

Outstanding Attendance - Students that have not missed more than two days of school. 

One Year:  Ryan Alexander, Tristan Auxter, Deagan Beach, Alayna Behring, Kenneth Boyle, Ciara Bozman, Allison Cline, Maddison Cole, Skyler Cook, Samantha Emmons, Devin Feuhrer, Meghan Gallogly, Daniel Gardner, Allison Gilleland, Natalie Gottron, Alex Karshuk , Jake Kokinda, Alyssa Krupp, Aaron Lockhart, Logan Martinez, Collin Miller, Joe Miller, Kaleb Mizener, Mitchell Mueller, Marissa Oftedal, Nick Reinick,Hannah Roberts, Logan Royster, Danielle Stager, Nathan Stayancho, Kaylee Vollmer, Leah Warner, Sabrina Webster, Katy Wiewandt, Shane York, Brendan Zeitzheim.  

Two Years:  Abby Baugh, Corey Beal, Ty Gallogly, Jessica Hofacker, Ashley Householder, Michael Lay, Stone Scott, Natalie Stitak, Nathan Stubblefield.  

Three Years:  Kathryn Mueller, Shelby Gerwin, Molly Haberman, David Wilburn.

Perfect Attendance - Students who have attended school every day school is in session and have not missed a full day when combining partial day absences.  

One Year:  Ashtyn Baney, Alexandra Bernard, Alex Camerato, Hailey Cardenas, Keegan Chapman, Dean Colston, Avery Dackermann, Michael Davis, Jake Depner, Kelsey Dietrich, Paul Dress, Jon Emmons, Chris Haghiri, Thomas Keville, Haley Klima, Hannah Kneisley, Ian Kyle, Breanna Lawrence, Angelo Martell, Will Mercurio, Kayli Millhouse, Meghan O’Neal, Bobbie Petersen, Emily Shaw, Samantha Stroupe, Alex Suter, ,Jack Warner, Corbin Winningham, Elise Zeitzheim.  

Two Years:  Ellis Adolph, Devin Beaver, Katelyn Chapman, ,Blake Clemons, Andrew Cline, Rose Hayden, Rachelle Hofacker, Steven Kast, Nathan Koepplinger, Salvatore Martell, Jeffrey Sedilko, Bethany Urban.  

Three Years:  Kaleb Wylie.  

And special congratulations were offered to Cameron King for Four Years of Perfect Attendance.

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