Pay tribute to Carroll School Sunday

Pay tribute to Carroll School Sunday

Pay tribute and celebrate 73 years of “Building Memories” at Carroll School from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, May 19.
The open house will begin with a welcome at 2 p.m. and will include self-guided building tours.  Many old pictures, letters and memorabilia will be displayed, and there will also be an opportunity to share memories through video.
For questions, call Carol Benner at 419-707-0464.

Below are excerpts from a letter sent to Carroll School by Judge Donald Wargowsky. The entire letter will be on display at the “A Building of Memories Tribute” Sunday at the school.
“Carroll Township and Friends: I already was a student at OHHS when the Centralized Carroll School was built. So, I never attended the Carroll School you are now memorializing and remembering.

“However, the three younger members of our family attended Centralized Carroll School after attending several Carroll Township one-room schools. They included twin sisters Evelyn Wargowsky Moenter (deceased), Esther Wargowsky Schlea (Aiken, S.C.) and brother Richard Wargowsky (retired Air Force Colonel now living in Alexandria, Va.).
“I attended three different one-room, one-teacher schools: Carrollyn where the teacher was Arvilla Beier Winters. Funny thing … my only classmate was Eileen Humphrey! The second school was Oakland and my teachers there included Russell Martin and Bethal Madison. Classmates were Donna Mae Beier, Betty Rauch and Charles Magrum. It is interesting to note that when we graduated from Oak Harbor High School in 1942, the three top scholars in our class were Donna Mae Beier, Donald Wargowsky and Eileen Humphrey, all Carroll Township and former classmates!
“The third one-room, one-teacher school I attended in Carroll Township was Carrollton, also known as ‘Cider Mill School.’ My first year there I was a sixth grader and classmates were Audrey Perry, Carolyn Weirich (cousin). Our teacher was Esther Babione. My second-year teacher was Irene Leaser, but was cut short when I became a two-time polio victim on Nov. 15, 1936. After being quarantined at home or three weeks and spending eight additional weeks in Toledo’s Hospital for Contagious Diseases battling my second attach of scarlet fever, I was placed for 2 years in Toledo’s Home for Crippled Children. There I finished my seventh and eighth grades by being pushed in my bed the first 9 months down long halls to the school and physical therapy rooms. I had attended this same school when I was a fifth grader. 
“So far, I have failed to mention one other matter that was essential to me obtaining a necessary education…MOBILITY. The ability to travel to and from school and inside the school building. The school bus answered that need for able-bodies. But, me being disabled, the school bus alone did not solve the mobility problem for me because I could not board and exit a school bus with help. Thus, I shall forever be grateful to my bus drivers: Irvin Beck, Henry Wohlers, Max Pierson, Homer Pierson, Howard Moore and Lester Smith. They’d leave their seat, step down to the ground, place their hands under my arm pits and lift me up and step into the bus. They reversed the procedure when removing me from the bus. Student volunteers who performed the same tasks included:  Clayton Rook and Joe Gardner. At the High School they also carried me on their backs up and down the high school stairs, all three floors, as did fellow high-schoolers Troy Sherrill, Louie Young and Willys Zibbel.
In closing, I hate the see Carroll School close, I understand why, but students will miss the rare atmosphere possessed by no other school in the area! I applaud Carroll School Board of Education for hiring first-class and professional teachers. During my educational journey I had the privilege of attending an Ivy League University. My experiences there confirmed the reported excellence of their teaching staff, BUT, my thoughts often returned home and caused me to realize and appreciate the fine teachers I had earlier in Carroll Township and OHHS. Why, I even convinced the Ivy Leaguers to join me in singing ‘Hail To Thee, O’Toussaint’!”

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