Waterworks Park

Port Clinton deserves a second chance.

  It appears that those elected to City Council are once again divided on the Waterfront Development Programs.  Need I remind you that businesses are closing and the economy is on a downhill slide.  We had our chance once before and blew it. We had a developer who would have provided over 1000 new jobs and wages between $25 and $50 an hour.  Dragging things out like we did before drove the developer away. This mistake was very costly and should never be repeated again.
The only way you are going to find a developer who would bring year-round jobs and retail sales is to go out for proposals and qualifications like we did.  There are several council members who are holding things back.  (I hope you remember them at election time). Council and Mayor, how many economic development conferences have you attended this year? We went to Indiana to find ours.
Look what the Huron Basin has done to spur business.  We are mowing grass at $4000 per square foot. We need a marina, hotel convention center, etc., to compliment our downtown businesses.  Do it in phases if you have to, but do something.  Personally, I worked 18 years on this project and watched naysayers turn it away.  Do not let this happen again if you love this city.  If you do nothing, change will happen and it will not be pretty.  Get busy and move forward. Other communities are ahead of us.
Dr. Thomas Brown,
Former mayor of Port Clinton

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