Port Clinton Farmers’ Market

I have participated in the farmers market over the past two years.

This year however I do not think it officially existed.
Port Clinton has become our adopted home over the last four years. We came to visit a relative who had a RV located in Tall Timbers Campground and in short order we purchased an RV and have almost literally spent every weekend since from April to November 1st.... and a weekend or two in between as well, here in Port Clinton.
During that time I became a beekeeper and now sell honey at a few local events here in the PC area as well as our home located in Grove City, Ohio. The Port Clinton Farmers market was by far our favorite place to sell our local and some not so local honey. We have met so many great residents of Port Clinton and it has further reinforced our future plans to relocate to Port Clinton after our children finish school. My wife and I are oncology registered nurses and are also impressed with the available medical facilities the area offers.
We would really love to see the farmers market come back in an official capacity. Yes, to sell my honey, but more importantly to help promote a local unity and pride in our community. As a hobby beekeeper, I never had much need to sell honey other than to promote my newfound passion in a time when pesticides have become too efficient, not only killing the bugs we find to be a nuisance to crops but killing to our natural pollinators as well. In participating in the PC farmers market I got my cake and was able to eat it, too. Promote beekeeping, sell honey and maybe most importantly, making new friends who cared about and supported the Port Clinton area.
Both Oak Harbor and Sandusky have wonderful and vibrant farmers markets. When I set up to sell honey for our farmers market I was the only vendor present this entire season.
Part of what the farmers market did each week other than enrich our community was to help generate funds to support the PC Chamber of Commerce, I believe. Each vendor paid a ten dollar fee to participate. While no one was available to pay this fee to this year I took it upon myself to clean all the litter in the Adams Street area as my way to help support Port Clinton.
I hope next year we can generate interest again to promote the farmers market in an official capacity. It may be small but the benefit to our city was huge in my opinion. Great people supporting this great city.
Jerry Hinton

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