FCFC and United Way

Ottawa County Family and Children First Council (FCFC) aims to help families seeking services through collaborative efforts to streamline and coordinate county services.

One of the collaborative initiatives of the Ottawa County Family and Children First Council is the Family Preservation Program.
The Family Preservation Program provides service coordination to families with children who are involved in multiple social service systems. This voluntary, child-centered, family-focused program uses the strength-based planning process known as Wraparound. Wraparound helps families whose complicated situation needs a coordinated effort from the systems involved. Part of this process includes helping families cope with stressful situations by obtaining needed services and as a result improve family functioning. Family-focused programs like Family Preservation Program have shown that when parents gain access to needed services and supports that they are empowered to change their lives for the better. These efforts are also known to reduce child abuse as well as provide safe stable homes and improve the overall well-being of children.
The United Way in Ottawa County is one of many local organizations Ottawa County Family and Children First Council collaborates with in efforts to improve family well-being and stability. The United Way in Ottawa County provides funding for the Family Preservation Program that allows us to offer Wraparound Coordination to families in Ottawa County. Last year, Family Preservation Program had 17 families successfully reach their goals and become more self-sufficient and stable. The Family Preservation Program continues to work with parents to find the resources they need to improve family functioning and help their children live safer more stable lives thanks to funding from United Way in Ottawa County.
Please consider being a part of these efforts to support the stability of families by supporting The United Way in Ottawa County.
Emily Fausnaugh
FCFC Coordinator

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