Lake Erie Aquarium and Museum

I would like to share my idea for what i believe is best for Waterworks Park area in Port Clinton. I am envisioning a “Lake Aquarium and Museum", where there would be taxidermy mounts and aquariums of all types of fish that are found in Lake Erie to educate people to what lives in Lake Erie. We could call it "Water Works

Museum and Aquarium--Come and see how the Water Works in Lake Erie."

This would tie beautifully with the Nature Preserve just down the way and Derby Pond. It could also be used to inform people about the hazards of what people are doing to the lake, encouraging people to be mindful of their actions. It could be like COSI for the family and be all about our lake with a Wylie Walleye and South Bay Bessie feature for kids. There could be a fun and entertaining South Bay Bessie (Lake Erie Monster) exhibit with a huge representation of the creature along with the history of sightings that would be a huge hit with children and sparking people's imaginations. There could also be a large map showcasing the sunken ships of Lake Erie.

A special Wylie Walleye exhibit would be a featured destination for kids, where there would be a Lake Erie themed play-center for little children to crawl all over, like those they have in malls. There is really nothing for families in this area. Could you imagine if there one complete center that a family could go to and enjoy themselves before/after they go to the islands? They may not even want to go to the islands after visiting this idea.

Imagine a special spot where fishing tournaments could set up and have a professional looking setting to have their awards ceremony for people to participate in and enjoy. We live right on the Lake but never take advantage of all the possibilities to showcase why we are so special because of this lake. Having this we could showcase events possibly by Bass Pro Shops, Ducks Unlimited, ESPN and other outdoor fishing resources.

An amphitheater would be included also for entertainment and performances. It would be great to include a roadside attraction, too. Not sure why this trend hasn't caught on in our down economy. It's popular in books and on TV. It would be a hit as a landmark in Port Clinton, an attention catcher.

I believe this is an area where a museum and aquarium would thrive all year long. This is what I believe would be the best for Port Clinton. Thank you for your time.

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