Port Clinton flag display

The residents of Port Clinton have a strong support system for "Our Country and "Our Veterans". Our city makes the effort to recognize them at every possible opportunity. Such is the case every summer patriotic holiday, when our county organization lines Perry St. and Fremont Rd. with well-over 300 American flags. This is done to honor our fallen soldiers and veterans and to show that the city of Port Clinton has not forgotten the true meaning of these significant holidays.

This past holiday we lost about 20 American flags along one stretch of Perry Street. Although it is tempting to take a flag, we are asking that people refrain from doing so. We urge all residents to help us as we line Perry Street and Fremont Road again for the 4th of July Holiday. Our goal is to purchase flags for other Ottawa County communities over the next few years, so that flags can be displayed there as well during these same holidays.

We will continue show solidarity every Memorial Day and 4th of July as well as Labor Day for our FLAG, TROOPS and LOVE OF OUR COUNTRY.

Ottawa County Republican Women’s Club  

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