Waterworks Park

Have you notice the Save the Park signs throughout town? Well, it is another attempt to prevent economic growth on the waterfront. Will Port Clinton make the same mistake twice? What was wrong with a 1,000 new jobs at $25 to $40 an hour, a new transient marina and a water park for our young people? We are mowing grass at Waterworks Park at $4000 a square foot. Is this the way we develop the downtown and the waterfront? I think not. No developer is going to come here as long as there are those who work to turn them away.

It is again time for City Council and the Mayor to move forward and show our town that we need growth and there are ways to protect the waterfront for those who enjoy it. We need jobs and the businesses downtown need shoppers. Look at what Huron River Basin has done. Even a boardwalk and a marina would be a start. But let’s do something!

I hope the marshlands get a new look and have been assured that this is going to happen. Don’t forget, citizens, we turned away a 3M dollar improvement to Waterworks Park by our own Jet Express for new trees, ball fields, park equipment, etc., so that they could lease our Waterworks building and the city turned them away and they moved. 

Let’s learn from the past and get involved with new development. It may be our last chance.


Dr. Thomas M. Brown,

Former Mayor of Port Clinton.

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