I was fortunate to attend the Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial and witness the ships in their glory. What a wonderful close to a great weekend. I would like to thank the P.O.R.T.S. Committee for bringing this event to fruition and entertaining the entire area for a long and beautiful period of time, a period of time that reminded me of the Port Clinton area so many years ago.

I remember on weekends past residents would try to avoid Perry Street because of all the tourists. We would complain about the driving and all the while smirking because we understood how fun it was to live in a lively area with so many benefits to for our residents and visitors alike. This weekend brought those feelings and memories back. 

As a small business owner and resident, I was proud of the way Port Clinton came together as a community to host this affair. If you didn't take some personal enjoyment or reward from this experience, you must not have left your home.

I look forward to exploring the opportunities to move forward in our community and making Port Clinton a destination for families and friends once again. And, since we are undefeated, maybe we ought to host that re-enactment every year.

Joe Brenner

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