Niagara on the Lake lesson

Let me tell you about our weekend in Niagara Falls, Canada. We arrived at dusk,in our room overlooking the Falls, waiting for the lights to come on over the Falls. We went to a very nice restaurant to overlook the Falls. No lights! Finally, the second evening, we deduced our United States government had turned off the lights, saving 1 Flip Switcher and annoying a lot of people. Our day included a beautiful short road trip to Niagara On The Lake. Oh, my, why can't Port Clinton take a lesson from this nostalgic, charming town.  Beautiful plantings on the sidewalks, inviting shops, galleries, ice cream, etc. This is a destination town. Why can't Port Clinton do the same! We have all the natural resources, but none of the enthusiasm! 

Wake up, Port Clinton!

Sandy Schaffner

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