Sound Off — March 29

The “Grassholes” are back!
It’s that time of year again in Port Clinton. Trees are budding, grass is growing and the “Grassholes” are dumping grass in the streets again.
Familiar with the term “Grasshole?” This is an inconsiderate or unthinking person who, when cutting their lawns, lets their lawn mower blow grass clippings into the streets.
Where do they think this debris is going to go? Most intelligent folks know that the next rain will rinse the grass toward the nearest storm drain. If the grass doesn’t clog the drain, it will be dumped into our storm sewer system, adding to the already aged and over-stressed system of pipes beneath our streets. And when storm sewers can’t handle the rainwater runoff, remember the last two summers of flooded streets and basements?
Throwing debris of any type in the street is against the law. And it’s just plain inconsiderate too. Don’t be a Grasshole — keep your lawn in your lawn. And please pass this advice along to any neighboring Grasshole you see?
Yours for cleaner (and drier) streets,
Jeff Bryden

Striking Out Cancer
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported our “Striking out Cancer” event on March 11 at Harbor Lanes. Our lane sponsors: Rickard’s Bait and Tackle, Captain Hook Charters, cancer survivor Arlene Ish, Catawba Landing, Trish McCartney, Kuras Excavating/Kuras Septic Pumping, John and Linda Hartigan, Kapp Freezer Beef, The Muffler Smiths, cancer survivor Ida Mercurio, Temptation Eyes Charters, Miller Boat Lines, Port Clinton Men’s Bowling Association, Port Clinton Women’s Bowling Association, Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union, Kelley Farming/Collins Motor Sales, Jet Express, Mirror Image Detailing, Apex Custom, Our Guest Inn and Suites, The Ish Family, The Good Life Pet Grooming and Pet Sitting, NBOH/Jamie Jennings, Tammy Myers, cancer survivor Pam McKinley, Appleman Family and Friends, Jim Young, Dave and Lindsay Gahler and Oak Harbor Young Farmers.
There are many local businesses that donated prizes for our raffles. There are too many to list. Please check out Pam’s Peeps Facebook page for the list.
A big thank you goes out to John and Sue at Harbor Lanes for hosting our event. Thank you to the community for the awesome turnout. Please support our local businesses and individuals that supported “Striking out Cancer. We will see you next year. Please join us at Relay for Life on June 8-9 in Oak Harbor. Once again thank you all so much!
Pam’s Peeps, Kathy, Tim, and Jason Pratt, Jody Kapp, Lisa Collins, Jamie Jennings, Diana Kelley, Tammy and Matt Myers, and of course Pam McKinle

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