For you, Roseann, pictures from heaven

Our little, precious angel, Tyler.

Today we got to see your little face again. That little smiley face we so remember and never will forget.

Last night I had a dream. I called up to heaven and asked to speak with you. I couldn’t wait to tell you. Hey Babe, your mommy is sharing you with us again, as she always did when you lived here with us. She put a picture of you for all of us to see in a story she wrote for you. She said she found your little footprints, which she also shared with us. They brought tears of joy to her eyes. I know that made you happy because I heard a little giggle, “Yes, little Tyler, mommy loves you and miss you so very, very much!”

She went on to tell us she lost your pictures in the fire, but I will tell her what you said, “Silly mommy, you didn’t lose the picture. I just brought them up to heaven with me! I love you too, mommy, and I miss you very, very much. And when it’s time for you to spread your wings, I will be here waiting. I will show you, mommy, how beautiful heaven is. Tell my brothers Dallas and Dustin I love and miss them too!”

Forever in our hearts, love you all,

Aunt Dolly and Uncle “Dau do”
Sonia Boy Philip and Mimi too


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