Waterworks Park development

Waterworks Park development

How many of you citizens read the New Herald on June 27, 2014, that Washington Properties proposed a 60 million dollar investment in the citizens Waterworks Park, featuring a lodge and conference, first floor retail shops, and 119 residential units.

Retail shops, how many retail shops, three, four, five, how many.

They had no trouble putting a number on how many residential units they would like to build, 119.

I believe they would build a lot more than 119, because they are the big dollar part of any development.

There are those that would like us to believe the developer would invest a tremendous amount of money in developing the citizens’ Waterworks Park, but I don’t buy one word of it.

The developer would have 13.8 acres of the very best available waterfront property there is, and if that is not enough to get you shaking your head, how about this, we must give the developer six million dollars, that’s right, that’s what they say, six million dollars.

Now tell me, citizens, where are we going to get six million dollars, and if we do come up with it, how are we ever going to pay it back.

Please citizens give this a lot of thought before a shovel of dirt is turned our administration is going to give the developer our park and six million dollars, this is unbelievable, just unbelievable.

And I believe the developer would use the six million dollars, or some of it, to build condos, to get a working capital.

I would be very surprised if the developer put up any money.

And what are we going to get in return, jobs that will pay $28 an hour, what a laugh.

Our administration must be stopped, and they can be stopped if enough citizens will vote in November to give the citizens the right to vote on the future of our parks.

Thank you C.O.R.D.

Bob Walls
Port Clinton

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