Lakeside Marblehead Storage fire

Lakeside Marblehead Storage fire

A fire occurred on July 18, in building number 2 (units 22-47 and units 127-144) of the Lakeside Marblehead Storage.  The fire started sometime in the morning of July 18 and area fire fighters were dispatched immediately when smoke was detected.  Despite the hard work of area fire fighters the building was severely damaged.  It is unlikely that much will be recoverable in all but the end units of this row.

Marblehead fire fighters, the Danbury police department, and the many other volunteer firefighters responded from across the county (eleven companies total responded that day).  They fought the fire tirelessly and were able to keep the fire from spreading to any of the other units.  Other area volunteers also helped and quickly responded to donate equipment, water, and food for the fire fighters including: Dave Shrock Excavating, Starcher Enterprises, The Danbury Maintenance Crews, Red Cross, Erie Market, Subway, Bruno’s and many more that helped assist during the day.

Lakeside Marblehead Storage wishes to thank each and every one of the volunteers and is grateful that no one was hurt.  Currently, the site has not been released for entry by the Danbury fire chief until it has been deemed safe.  It is unknown what started the fire.  Lakeside Marblehead storage is working diligently to restore business as usual.  

Thank you to all involved in controlling the situation.

Lakeside Marblehead Storage Owner,
John Spencer

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