Response to Mayor Brown

Response to Mayor Brown

After reading our ex-mayor’s letting in The Beacon (July 17, 2014) I must say, I enjoyed it very much. May you continue to write letters to the editor. In today’s world, we hardly ever have anything to laugh about, but your letters are always a welcome sight when I read the sound offs.

I really had to laugh when you said “people of Port Clinton, we need to keep our children here with jobs.” What kind of jobs, Mr. Brown? Cleaning condos, mowing their grass, shoveling their snow? Are you really serious?

Even our mayor said “if those condos are only full three months a year, that’s okay”. Three months a year. Citizens, are you beginning to see flashing red lights?

Our ex-mayor said “it’s too bad Catawba and the surrounding areas cannot vote on issues in our city”. That is not the American way, Mr. Brown. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Catawba vote years ago to stop any future developments? And you would like to have these people tell us how to run our city? Shame, shame.

I have never been against any developments that would bring decent jobs to Port Clinton, but condos are not the answer, and I will never believe that our administration believes they are.

I believe our administration is so desperate to do something, that they will do most anything, even as far as letting the developer build 119 or more condos. I was in the building business for forty years and I never knew of anything giving so much and getting so little, as we are giving and getting, from Washington Properties.

The only way to stop this awful nightmare is at the voting polls in November.

Yes, Mr. Brown, I do love CORD, I even sleep next to one of them.

Bob Walls Sr.
Port Clinton

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