Danbury School Levy

Have you heard much about the new 1.5 mil Danbury School Levy? No? Maybe because they are hoping you don’t notice it’s a permanent tax! Yes, you will be paying for it as long as you own property in Danbury/Marblehead. I was astounded to find the school has about a 10 million dollar a year budget and after calling the Auditor’s Office found 57.8% of our property taxes go to this one school. Somehow they have managed to scrape up enough money to build a new maintenance building, big parking lot, bleachers, state of the art track, refreshment stand, electronic sign, etc. If you haven’t seen the building boom in Danbury, just drive down Bay Shore Rd. and look at the multi-million dollar houses that have gone up and are going up every day in Bay Point as an example. This is not a poor school, in fact, it is a very rich school and it’s getting richer by the day with all the new homes being built in the township, government contributions, etc. 

There is absolutely no excuse for this school to burden our property owners with another tax, let alone a permanent one. If they can’t manage with all the money they have, they need to put someone else in charge. We have a lot of seniors on fixed incomes, who are unemployment, and residents just struggling not to lose their homes in our township. Enough is enough. VOTE NO on the Danbury School Levy.

Elizabeth Cianciola


Republican and Democratic Chairmen say “We need to work together”

Carolyn Adams, Chairman of the Ottawa County Republican Party, and Dan Laity, Chairman of the Ottawa County Democratic Party, are working together to share the importance of Republicans and Democrats working together at a local government level. Adams and Laity also think it is important to belong to a party; in Ohio the only way to declare a party is to vote in a partisan primary election.

“When voting in a primary election, you are saying who you think should go up against the opposing party in the upcoming general election,” said Adams. She also stressed that if a person has recently moved into another voting district, they need to re-register their party.

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