Alex Morgan Johnson wins national award

Real Living Morgan Realty Group announced this week that Alex Morgan Johnson has received the Premier Service® Diamond national award for providing superior customer service to home buyers and sellers in Ottawa, Erie and Sandusky Counties. 

"Alex Morgan Johnson joins a select group of real estate professionals recognized nationally for providing incredibly high levels of customer service to their local clients," said Real Living Real Estate president Robert McAdams Jr. "With our Premier Service program, buyers and sellers are asked to complete a survey evaluating the service they receive and Morgan Johnson received one of the company’s highest rankings.” 

To qualify to become a Premier Service Diamond award winner, Morgan Johnson had to receive a minimum 95 percent customer satisfaction rating. "I am absolutely thrilled to receive this award since it’s an independent rating based upon evaluations from those people who matter most, my clients,” said Alex. 

Premier Service is one of the most comprehensive and effective customer service programs in the real estate industry. Through the program, Real Living Real Estate’s agents put in writing, up front, the services they will perform. Following the transaction, Real Living Real Estate asks customers to honestly rate their performance through a written survey from an independent third party. 

Real Living Morgan Realty Group is located at 100 S Jefferson Street Port Clinton, OH 43452. For more information, go to


Lake Erie algae

I’ve lived on Catawba Island since 1960 and have fished most of those years. I received my Charter Captain’s License in 1980 and started in earnest catching walleye and small mouth bass. Back then you could catch 20-30 small mouth bass in a day’s charter around the islands. I don’t think one could catch half as many in a week now. Ten fish used to be a daily limit of walleyes; 60 fish could be caught in half a day. Running two-a-days was the norm for most captains until the zebra mussels came in and devastated the walleye population, eliminating all the reef fishing. Nobody did anything to fix this situation, to this date, other than a lot of “discussions”. 

While we were wringing our hands, the quagle mussel came in and out numbered the zebra ten to one; they are still thriving on the shoreline. Five years ago the walleye were beginning to leave the western basin; you had to go into Canadian waters to get a decent catch of 10-12 fish. Three years ago they were almost non-existent in American waters. Factory farms moved into Lenawee County, Michigan, with 20,000 dairy cows and 10,000 pigs per farm dumping their waste products onto the farm land they bought.

Field tiles to ditches to streams to Lake Erie had nothing to do with the algae problems being experienced in the western waters of Lake Erie. In 2013 I turned down dozens of charters because of terrible fishing. I wouldn’t take their money for 2-5 fish in a day’s trolling on the American side. The green soup that was out there the past few years just disgusted me to the point that I sold my 30’ Baha Cruiser boat in October and let my license expire.

Herl’s Harbor used to have 12 charter boats docked there. When I left there was only one. West Harbor used to have a continuous line of charter boats leaving Captain’s Cove Marina for a day of fishing on the lake and last year there were a pitiful few that went out. I ran three trips last year because my customers couldn’t believe what I was telling them. July 30 we caught four walleye for seven hours of trolling; Aug. 15, three walleye; Oct. 2, 17 perch for three guys and we fished everywhere. I only charged them $300 a trip. Running to Rondeau Bay for fish was not my cup of tea.

Wisconsin DNR ran an article on dioxins, fluorinated compounds and blue green algae. Blue green algae can produce toxins that are harmful to fish. Eating these fish can cause health risks largely unknown. Green pea soup, green or blue paint they described on the water is what I’ve seen in Lake Erie. They recommend, “Choose another water to fish.” I took their advice. Remember the thousands of walleye that washed up on the shore in the Catawba area two years ago? The official reason was stress? Really? This lake is not going to fix itself. Are you going to wait for sickness and poisoning before someone takes some positive action to fix it?

Philip Gutkoski
Port Clinton


Put-in-Bay dock update

Due to winter holding up progress on the dock renovation at Put-in-Bay, the project will do done later than originally planned.

“We are hoping that C dock will be open by Memorial Day,” said Put-in-Bay Village Administrator Doug Kanuer. “We expect A dock to be done by the end of June.”

Right now the docks are full of equipment and cribs. The roads in front of the docks are only open to foot traffic. There is a pile of steel that is laying in the harbor right now that will be put inside the cribs for the new docks.


Port Clinton Easter Egg Hunt

The Port Clinton Recreation Department and Champions for Children sponsored Port Clinton’s annual Easter egg hunt at the Ottawa County Courthouse on Sunday, April 13. The Port Clinton Fire Department, Councilman Mike Snider and Tara Crump of the Port Clinton Chamber and Main Street Port Clinton also donated their time to the event.

When the courthouse clock struck 1 p.m., children accompanied with one adult took to their age specific area and the hunt was on. 


PCMS Athletic Director Bob Polachek to receive Lifetime Service Award

Mr. Bob Polachek, Port Clinton Middle School Athletic Director, has been chosen to receive a Mac Morrison Lifetime Service Award by the Northwest District Athletic Board. The Mac Morrison Lifetime Service Award is presented to “individuals who have made noticeable contributions (in the area of athletics) to young people within the schools of jurisdiction of the Northwest District Athletic Board”.  

Port Clinton High School Athletic Director Rick Dominick said, “Bob is well respected in Port Clinton, in the Sandusky Bay Conference, Ottawa County and surrounding area for his professionalism, work ethic and dedication. He has dedicated his life to the Port Clinton community and our school system. He is the epitome of this award. ” 


For you, Roseann, pictures from heaven

Our little, precious angel, Tyler.

Today we got to see your little face again. That little smiley face we so remember and never will forget.

Last night I had a dream. I called up to heaven and asked to speak with you. I couldn’t wait to tell you. Hey Babe, your mommy is sharing you with us again, as she always did when you lived here with us. She put a picture of you for all of us to see in a story she wrote for you. She said she found your little footprints, which she also shared with us. They brought tears of joy to her eyes. I know that made you happy because I heard a little giggle, “Yes, little Tyler, mommy loves you and miss you so very, very much!”


Port Clinton DECA fundraising underway

Port Clinton High School marketing students and DECA members are seeking sponsors for the 2014-15 school year. The reason for the early start is four students are attending the International Career Development Conference in Atlanta May 2-7 and many members will be attending the DECA Summer Leadership Retreat (DECA Camp) July 11-14. Both events need support to help defray students’ overall costs.

Normally Port Clinton marketing students are kept busy securing sponsorships from local businesses in order to attend a Regional Conference either in Minneapolis, MN, or Washington in early December. This year’s DECA chapter has set a goal of $7,000 to help defray the cost of the conference including travel, registration and lodging fees. Also, DECA membership has increased from 24 to over 40 members so a few new DECA Blazers worn at competitions will need to be purchased.

Students have been issued an “Apprentice” style challenge putting Juniors against the Seniors to see which group can raise the most money. There are four sponsorship levels: Platinum at $150 or more, Chief at $100, Redskin at $65, and Indian at $35. Sponsorship forms are available at the PCHS Main Office, the Board of Education Office and online at under District News. Forms can also be obtained and questions answered by calling Bill Hollister, DECA Advisor, at 419-260-9068.


Main Street PC announces Downtown Improvement Grants

Main Street Port Clinton is pleased to announce that Downtown Improvement Grants are available for downtown businesses and building owners. The focus of the Downtown Improvement Grants is to provide financial support to downtown business owners and downtown property owners to improve their property, positively influence economic growth and enhance aesthetic appeal. 

These grants are made possible because of the success of Main Street’s fundraisers, specifically the Walleye Festival. Last year, $15,000 was to four downtown business owners and building owners.

Main Street Port Clinton is striving to promote, preserve, and improve downtown historic Port Clinton as a vibrant center for businesses, entertainment and cultural activities for residents of the community and visitors to our area.  Larry Hartlaub, Chair of the Economic Restructuring Committee and Main Street PC Board Member said, "I am really excited about the Downtown Improvement Grant. It is our organization's opportunity to put dollars into projects that reflect our mission."

Committee Member Lee Vivod said, “I feel the Downtown Improvement Grant program shows Main Street’s commitment to the community and offers us an opportunity to put the money that was earned downtown to work downtown with our business owners.”

For more information about the Downtown Improvement Grants, contact the Main Street Port Clinton office at 419-734-5503 or pick up grant applications at 110 Madison Street.


Donna Sullivan’s 100 years

This Sunday, April 20, Donna Sullivan will be celebrating her 100th birthday. Donna (Madonna), who was born on April 20, 1914, is the eighth of ten children born to Cornelius and Clara Druyor. She married William Sullivan on Aug. 5, 1933. Donna and Bill, who passed away in 1998, had nine children, 24 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren and eight great, great-grandchildren. One of Donna’s most difficult times was the loss of her one daughter, Pamela, in 2011. Pam was the wife of John Carpenter, who passed away in 1999.

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