A new day dawns for emergency services in Danbury Township

Danbury Township has experienced a strong and continuous record of outstanding property and life-saving service since the organization of the Marblehead Volunteer Fire Department in 1895 and the Lakeside Volunteer Fire Protective Association in 1905. On March 13, a century-plus history of contracting with these two departments came to consolidation with the formation of The Danbury Township Fire Department. 

Trustees Charles Scott, David Hirt and Dianne Rozak unanimously agreed to a resolution to create the merged department with an effective date of July 1for full operational implementation. This positive combination of resources will continue to offer the same dedicated, professional level of service that residents and visitors on the Marblehead Peninsula have come to expect and appreciate. 

The trustees have appointed Marblehead Fire Chief Doug Waugh as Interim Chief to oversee the merger process. Chief Waugh stated, “I am extremely pleased to be a part of this momentous undertaking. I have found that our community has been blessed to have so many dedicated people serving us. Through two years of dedicated work, we have found that we are able to merge our four entities (Lakeside Volunteer Fire Protective Association, Marblehead Volunteer Fire Department, Village of Marblehead Council and Mayor, and Danbury Township) into a unified Fire and EMS department. All of our personnel have put forth an untold effort to streamline and enhance our public service to all of the residents of Danbury Township. We are all very grateful to be a part of this historical undertaking. We look forward to continuing our services to the community in a highly efficient and unified department of which we can all be proud.” 

Ed Cochenour, Chief of the Lakeside Volunteer Fire Department and Gary Deerhake, fire fighter and President of the Lakeside Volunteer Fire Protective Association, collectively said, “Thank you to our Township Trustees for the opportunity to operate entirely as one department in Danbury Township. We will now be able to more efficiently administer and manage the equipment, buildings, personal, recruitment, training and the changing to a full-time/part-time EMS. We look forward to volunteering in the new Danbury Township Fire Department.”


Oak Harbor/Penta FFA Sales Team takes 8th at State

The Oak Harbor/Penta FFA Agriculture Sales Team placed 8th at the State Agricultural Sales Career Development Event on Saturday, March 2, at the Tolles Technical Center in Plain City. The sales team consisted of Brian Wyss, Micah Mensing, Logan Segaard and Austin Schimming. The Career Development Event is composed of an objective test, sales demonstration and Customer Relations practicum. The test is designed to assess the team members’ understanding of the sales process and the role selling plays in marketing agriculture products. The sales demonstration assesses the team member’s ability to properly develop and sell an agricultural product to a customer and properly conclude the sales transaction.


B-C-S Schools are ‘Excellent with Distinction’


It is with great pride that the B-C-S School District Community received official word recently that the district earned the highest possible rating on its local report card for the 2011-2012 school year. The local report card was slated to be released in August, 2012, but was held up due to a statewide audit of student data by the State Auditor. The report card was just released in late February.


OSWCD Women in Conservation taking registration

The Ottawa Soil and Water Conservation District “Women in Conservation Series” is starting soon. The series will be held in various locations in Ottawa County from 5:30 p.m.– 8 p.m. on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from April through September. The first workshop will be on April 17th at the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, one of the most popular spots in America for bird watching. Staff from the refuge will lead the group on a bird tour through different habitats ranging from forest to marsh.


Port Clinton Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Port Clinton present annual awards

Thursday evening at the Catawba Island Club the Port Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Port Clinton held their annual dinner and awards ceremony. In a full evening for Port Clinton business leaders, Linda Aigler, chairwoman of the Chamber Board, Laura Schlachter, president of the Port Clinton Chamber, and Missy Walker, President of Main Street, conducted business meetings and elections and presented awards.

Lori Opfer, Carrie McGlothlin

The Lighthouse Award winner is Edgewood Manor nursing home. Edgewood also this year received the prestigious Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau, has an award-winning team of nurses and has a complete rehabilitation team.

Dave McDougall, Vince Leone, Ernie Hopkins

The Beautification Award winner is Veteran’s Park. In the last two years an Eternal Flame and star were added to the park, along with a brass statue, archway and landscaping, all of which have enhanced the hallowed ground that honors our veterans.

Judi Halstead

The 2012 Chamber Bright Star Award winner is Judi Halstead. Halstead has been a devoted Chamber Member, is an integral part of other community and chamber events and emceed the Walleye Festival Grande Parade.

Kevin Lowe and Bill VanDerGiessen

The Outstanding New Business of the Year Award winner is 1812 Food and Spirits and Rosie’s Bar and Grill. Bill Van DerGiessen and Kevin Lowe have restored the Island House to its former glory, providing a vibrant anchor for downtown. 

Dana Bacak-Lynd, Steve Cooper

The Business of the Year Award winner is the Civilian Marksmanship Program. The CMP offers Open Public Shooting every Tuesday and Thursday evening, operates a store at Camp Perry and partners with the Ohio Army National Guard and NRA to conduct the National Matches. 

Larry Hartlaub

Main Street Volunteer of the Year Award winner is Larry Hartlaub. Hartlaub has been Chair of the Economic Restructuring committee for Main Street Port Clinton since 2010, is a vital part of the Walleye Festival and in December was appointed Ottawa County Auditor.

Becky Clemons

Main Street Business of the Year is Bait House River Bar. A former actual bait house, since its founding in 2011 the river-front bar has become popular for entertainment and as a gathering place for locals and visitors all through the summer months.


PC lighthouse group outlines plans

Some 50 people showed up Wednesday evening to hear the latest news about the progress being made to update the Port Clinton Lighthouse. The group, formed in 2010, is looking to find a permanent home for the community icon.

“We believe it is a treasure worth preserving,” said spokesman Rich Norgard. “It is representative of the city’s maritime history.” Norgard also noted that there are many groups of people who seek out lighthouses, pointing out the huge crowds that come to view the Marblehead Lighthouse every year. “It is not a panacea for Port Clinton, but it can very well be an important cog in the wheel to assist with the city’s revitalization efforts.”

The key element for the group that has been working to refurbish the old lighthouse is the future location. The current owner of the lighthouse, Darrell Brand of Brand’s Marina, has made it clear that he would like for it to be placed on the waterfront in what is now Waterworks Park. The group has drawn a line creating a corridor along the northeast corner of the property, citing several lakeshore locations that could hold the old lighthouse.

“We will need the passage of two ordinances by City Council,” stated Norgard. “First we will need an agreement between Darrel Brand and the City to transfer ownership of the structure, followed by an ordinance authorizing the Port Clinton Lighthouse Conservancy to renovate and maintain the lighthouse.”

Another committee member, Dr. John Smothers, talked about the work the group has done since its inception three years ago. “The enthusiasm of the committee has been amazing and the Brand family has been very cooperative with our efforts.” He also noted that had the lighthouse not been built originally with a copper roof, it probably would have been destroyed long ago. He estimated the cost of renovation at between $20,000 and $30,000. Much of the materials and labor have been donated to date.

Another legacy individual, Ed Jeremy, grandson of David Jeremy, who owned what is now the east side of Brand’s Marina, talked about when the Lighthouse came down from the end of the pier. “It was in 1950 or 1951,” stated the younger Jeremy, who is now 62 years old. “They were told at that time that the structure could never be used again as a working lighthouse by the Corps of Engineers.”

So work continues on the structure, and discussions also continue between the Conservancy and the City of Port Clinton. Since the proposal from Medina developer Mike Rose is on the table for Waterworks Park, the hope is that the renovated lighthouse might become a part of that development, should it move forward. 


"Georgie's Gal" prepares for her first fight of the year

Thursday morning "Georgie's Gal" prepared for her first flight of the year.  The award-winning, beautifully restored vintage World War II North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber has spent the winter being pampered in her hangar at the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton. The Museum, located at the Eire-Ottawa County Regional Airport, opened last July.  


TaiChi offered at Elmore Senior Center

Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance is a group program that is being offered at the Elmore Senior Center starting April 2. It focuses on improving functional ability such as balance and physical function, to reduce fall-related risks and frequency. It has been demonstrated to reduce falls and improves fitness for older adults.


St.Patrick's Day, north coast style

'Tis St. Patrick's Day this Sunday. Many are those on the north coast with Irish roots or who are Irish for this one day, and many are the ways to celebrate.

There are many who will raise a pint or two of green beer or Guinness or Irish whiskey at their local pub, perhaps with corned beef and cabbage and, of course, potatoes. There may be soda bread. There may be dancing and singing, shared conviviality and perhaps blarney.


Tip Jars

Tip Jars come out for Summer. It rather amazes me as to the growing Port Clinton/Marblehead area ‘tip jars’ at restuarants, services venues, or a tip jar for buying a ferry ticket? and such. Why a tip jar for carry out? Or further, a jar next to the cash register, as if you didn’t leave enough at the table. I consider it indicative of the community, ‘squeeze the buck while you can!” We, local people, know very well how prices go up in Summer.

Bert R. Tomon

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