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Tyler lives on: the story of a compassionate friend

Roseann's son, Tyler

The death of a child is something that affects a family deeply. A Port Clinton resident and business owner, Roseann Hickman, has used that pain to try and help others and bring positivity to her life.

On January 26, 1988 Roseann lost her son, Tyler, because of a house fire. Her two other sons, Dustin, who was two, and Dallas, who was three and a half, made it out okay. The fire was caused by a defect in the regulator that allowed propane to come in and out of the house. At the time Roseann and her family lived in Pemberville. They took Tyler back to Port Clinton to be laid to rest .Roseann ended up moving back to Port Clinton in 2003.

To help with the grieving process, Roseann attended meetings of the Compassionate Friends which is a support group for families who have lost a child no matter what the reason. The closest chapter that she found was in Waterville. Seeing a need for it in the Port Clinton community, Roseann started a local chapter of the Compassionate Friends in December of 2010.


Council, our future depends on you

I take issue with Mr. Noderer’s comment last week on the waterfront development. He says, “Why can’t they get $2,000,000 for the park in years past?” Mr. Noderer, the City had that opportunity for about $3,000,000 to improve the park and the developer, Jet Express, was turned away due to opposition by the naysayers and council members who couldn’t take the pressure of seeing it happen. They were more worried about their re-election.

The Jet Express wanted to lease the waterworks building for ticket offices, storage and a customs office. In turn, they would have revitalized the park with new ball fields, signage, plant new trees, provide new park benches and much more for our public. But no, the opposition turned them away and they moved to the drawbridge and took away over $150,000 in parking revenues and then tore down the $92,000 restrooms where the old Parker Ferry Building once stood. We could have had a beautiful park today if that would have happened; we lost the money and we lost the chance for park beautification.

We have a second chance to do this through waterfront development. No one has seen what they C.O.R.D. group proposes except they are against revitalization of waterfront development. I say: If you are not part of the solution, then you are definitely part of the problem.

City Council: the public has spoken. They want to see something happen with the waterfront. You have the majority of people in this city ready for change. Let the will of the people dictate your decisions. There is much more to come with information and planning, but we must do something or people will stop investing in our city. I commend Linda Hartlaub, President of City Council, in halting the public discussion until all the plans have come forward. Otherwise you have people assuming and running with incorrect information. There are two strikes that have already happened in Port Clinton regarding this program: The Jet Express and the Puller Group from Indiana. Three strikes and you’re out because of people who would be interested in a city who would want to remain in yesteryear and watch our young people leave because there are no jobs. Council, make it happen for all of us. Our future depends on you.

Thank you,

Dr. Thomas M. Brown
Former Mayor, former President of City Council and former councilman


Port Clinton City Schools Announces Terrific Kids for March 2014

In cooperation with the Port Clinton Kiwanis Club, Port Clinton City Schools recognizes outstanding elementary students as “Terrific Kids”.  Terrific Kids are selected in each class once a month to recognize students for working to the best of their ability to improve academic performance, behavior, relationships with peers, displays honesty or attendance.  The following have been honored as Terrific Kids in March 2014.

Bataan Intermediate

Grade 3 - Kyla Wells, Christian Bryant, Alayis Guerra, Payton Vargas, Mason Limtestahl, Jacob Ryf, Mia Sanchez, Kaitlyn Robinette,  Riley Orechia.

Grade 4 - CJ Chasteen, Christopher Macek, Teagan Kelley, Olivia Eickert, Hannah Robinson, Mia Kuzma.

Grade 5 - Rachael Stinson, Austin Lindemann, Garrett Arnold, Tristan Boling, Arianna Wylie.

Bataan Primary 

Kindergarten - Alivia Adorni, Kooper Nilson, Ayden Ayers, Emma Franklin, Lincoln Beasley, London Garcia, Makayla Swanson, Jaidyn Streng, Gabriella Howard, Logan Schaffer.

Grade 1 - Erieyonna Buckley, Joseph Hilton, Amelia Honeycutt, Alyssa Maloney, Sienna Geretz, Mattie Luebcke, Andrew Patterson.

Grade 2 - Alyssa Auvil, Isabella Terry, Damien Brooks, Arabella Helle, Katelyn Maloy, Nora Bodie, Zaia Bruce, Joseph Zam.

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