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Clarification on Veterans Park

I would like to respond to a pair of letters published recently in The Beacon, and also circulated on social media from Roger Smith and Bob Walls, Sr. regarding the alleged City of Port Clinton effort to turn Veterans Park into a parking lot. Folks, it did not happen! How do I know? I was there and I was the source of it.

Roger Smith and Bob Walls, Sr. say that they remember an incident from 1998, but the intervening 16 years may have faded their memories. You see, I was sitting in Mayhew’s one morning, just about that time, discussing an idea about creating more parking for downtown Port Clinton. I was President of the Downtown Business Association and ODOT had just widened Perry Street, taking away 42 parking spaces. The idea included either cutting in angle parking at Veterans Park on the east and west sides of the park, or possibly moving Veterans Park to a new location, on the Adams Street Blvd. with the cannon. Unknown to me, Councilman and veteran Larry Lucas was in the booth behind me, and overheard my conversation. 


Downtown Port Clinton holds trick or treat

By estimates from the Port Clinton Chamber of Commerce, nearly 400 children and family members attended the downtown trick or treat held Saturday, October 25, from 1-3 p.m. Area businesses were open and welcome of little ghosts and goblins and most of them showcasing costumes themselves.


Do you want the right to vote? 

Sale of Water Works Park establishes a dangerous precedent allowing the city to sell valuable public space for private development with minimal justification. This means any public space could be a future candidate. That’s why I’m voting YES to protect Port Clinton Parks on November 4th. 

Are we a city that wants to sell our public parks to private developers without giving citizens the right to vote on it? Do you want the right to vote on the sale of public parks? YES, I DO! Water Works Park is not “saved” by this initiative. A YES vote simply gives the voters the right to decide its fate. A YES vote ensures it goes to a public vote to let the citizens of Port Clinton decide. It shouldn’t be easy to sell our public parks! 

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