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Liberty Aviation Museum to host Final Reunion

TBM gunner Del Vernon with his Avenger, 1944.

Del Vernon with Charlie Cartledge’s restored Avenger, August, 2013.

70 Years ago young men from “America’s Greatest Generation” strapped themselves into aircraft and fought and died for principles they believed in. These men, who were often too young to vote or legally drink, are now in their late 80’s and 90’s. The time to hear their incredible stories and to say thank you is running out.


Ribbon cutting held for 1 year anniversary of Unique

Pictured left to right: Tom Johnson, PC Chamber Ambassador; Dana Bacak-Lynd, Main Street PC Board Member; Brad Hickman, PC Chamber Ambassador; Mayor Vince Leone; Jerry Tarolli, PC City Council; Laura Schlachter, PC Chamber and Main Street; Lisa Sarty, PC City Council; Doug Coppeler, Owner; Debbie Coppeler, Owner; Jean Carris, PC Chamber Ambassador; Tracey Elson, PC Chamber Ambassador; Missy Walker, Main Street PC Board Member; and Lori Madison, Main Street PC Board Member.

The Port Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Port Clinton held a ribbon cutting for Unique to celebrate their 1 year anniversary on Tuesday, June 17.  Representatives from the City of Port Clinton, Main Street Port Clinton, and the Port Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce congratulated Doug and Debbie Coppeler and wished them many more years of success!


C.O.R.D. gathers required signatures for initiative ordinance

Citizens Organized for Responsible Development (C.O.R.D.) have gathered 280 signatures, more than the required 175, in support to put their initiative ordinance on the ballot for November. The petitions were handed over to Port Clinton City Auditor, Cole Hatfield, on Tuesday, June 24.

“According to Ohio law, I am to hold the petitions for ten days and then I am to submit a certified copy to the Board of Elections,” said City Auditor Hatfield. “The Board of Elections then examines the petition, checking signatures, which is protocol for every petition, and then a certified letter is sent to me stating the petition’s validity and the initiative will be put on the ballot in November.”

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