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Learning + fun = IMATHIMATION at ICS

At Immaculate Conception School, math is amazing when we use our “IMATHIMATION”.   This was the title of an assembly program, brought to the school through Mobile Ed. Productions.  Imathimation encourages kids to think outside the box and to use their “imathimation” to envision all the ways in which math affects their lives every day. Playing on ordinary situations to create extraordinary excitement, the students were shown how cooking, sports, shopping, music and a variety other everyday tasks all revolve around the importance of math.  

Students learned about finance and savings and saw how math can magically multiply their savings. They also baked a gigantic three tiered cake using “mathmagical” measurements. Student volunteers raced to create a bridge using only mathematical principles. This math oriented assembly made it easy for students to see math as an exciting part of everyday life.


Lady Redskins complete day one of sectionals

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The Lady Redskins had a successful day one of Sectionals at Clyde High School.  Each PC player won at least one match, and two singles players are advancing to the District tournament.  

"I'm very happy with how everyone played today.  Our losses were to good opponents.  I'm extremely proud of Alyssa and Kelsey for winning their 3 matches today to advance to Districts," said Coach Dunn.


Mayor Leone and Rick Noderer face off on Issue 6

Port Clinton Mayor Vince Leone and CORD member Rick Noderer represented their stances on Issue 6 at Candidate’s Night Thursday, October 2, at the Elk’s Lodge in Port Clinton. Mayor Leone represented voting no and Noderer represented voting yes on the controversial city park ballot initiative that would give Port Clinton residents voting rights at each general election to decide on the leasing and selling of city park land.

“This is not a yes or no vote on condos, this is not a yes or no vote on saving all the parks,” said Mayor Leone during his 5 minute allotted time period. “This is an attack on moving forward for the City of Port Clinton.”

Mayor Leone went on to explain that during his three years in office he and the administration have capitalized on $4.6 million dollars of competitive grant money. He looks forward to getting more of that grant money and continuing helping the City of Port Clinton in years to come. He and the administration have done this with the help of republicans and democrats; two of those being Senator Randy Gardner and Representative Chris Redfern.

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