Marriage licenses

Marriage Licenses
• David Bonney, 32, production, and Hannah Boreman, 25, server, both of Port Clinton.
• Adrian Hall, 37, foreman, and Melissa Garza, 36, medical biller, both of Port Clinton.
• J. Barry Koehler, 30, construction, and Phoebe Tracey, 26, bartender, both of Put-in-Bay.
• David Caswell, 45, engineering tech, and Marjorie Bowser, 52, weighmaster, both of Lorida, FL.
• Joseph Santana, 54, musician, and Leslie Cowan, 50, self-employed, both of Jacksonville, FL.
• Nicholas Gerber, 31, insurance broker, and Jenna Monica, 23, nurse, both of Port Clinton.
• Joseph Pavlick, 46, operating engineer, and Patricia Price, 44, hotel worker, both of Marblehead.


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