Marriage licenses for May 30, 2013

F. Joseph Bires, 61, banker, and Joanne Belair, 51, both of Port Clinton.
Donald Tabbert, 25, truck driver, of Graytown, and Sara Klavinger, 22, sales associate, of Genoa.
Steve Miller, 37, CSX, and Nicole Mayer, 35, both of Genoa.
Jason Spencer, 30, lead material operator, and Amanda Rodriguez, 28, manager, both of Port Clinton.
Alex Roessler, 26, sales, and Kate Albaitis, 26, dental hygienist, both of Houston, TX.
Jeffrey Nemecek, 29, GIS coordinator, and Mary Koenig, 29, STNA, both of Port Clinton.
Zachary Saneholtz, 24, diesel mechanic, and Hayley Manly, 27, teacher, both of Port Clinton.

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