Marriage licenses

Matthew McMurray, 29, machine operator, of Marblehead, and Jessie Orris, 24, server, of Port Clinton.

Nicholas Davis, 27, manufacturer’s rep, and Brooke Browning, 25, teacher, both of Pearland, TX.

Thomas Radsick, 51, glass tooling, of Oak Harbor, and Theresa Stachowiak, 46, teacher, of Fremont.

Brandon Lozcoski, 27, site manager, and Carly Sievert, 25, sales, both of Genoa.

Larry Krejci, 76, retired, of Marblehead, and JoAnn Criss, 73, retired, of North Olmstead.

Patrick Corbett, 27, clay modeler, and Jennifer Liotta, 30, cosmetologist, both of Southgate, MI.

Buck Molnar, 23, operator, of Marblehead, and Brooke Blevins, 22, server /visit. monitor, of Sandusky.

Jonathon Royster, 31, NC property management, and Nicole Luebcke, 28, photographer.

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