Marriage licenses

Henry J. Fox, 43, tumbling instructor and Michelle Renee Chio, 46, nursing student, both of Oak Harbor.

Randall L. Miller, III, 32, truck driver and Racheal L. Boss, 27, LPN, both of Port Clinton.

Jack Jordan Evans, 24, water operator and Whitney Carol Greene, 23, registrar, both of Port Clinton.

Jonathan Eric Lowry, 28, design researcher and Lynda Michelle Camp, 28, landscape design owner of Racine, Wisconsin.

David C. Clark, 59, truck driver and Diana S. Caldwell, 57, construction specialist, both of Curtice.

Jeffrey Otte, 27, physician of Columbus and Danielle Noe, 27, occupational therapist of Genoa.

Johnathon Welch, 46, marine tech and Amylia Lowe, 29, STNA, both of Gypsum.

Zachary Blake, 35, physical therapist assistant and Johana Nataprawira, 35, OB/GYN, both of Port Clinton.

Aaron Hogshead, 31, production manager and Jessica Scott, 29, account manager, both of Raleigh, NC.

Michael Shinaver, 32, miner and Stephanie Keaton, 27, licensed nursing home administrator, both of Genoa.

Matthew Decker, 29, financial advisor of Perrysburg and Brittnay Perkins, 25, radiographer of Elmore.

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