Real estate transfers

Real estate transfers
Bay Township
   9-18-12 Kellee Mizen to Zachary Zilba, 6830 Portage River South Road, $75,000.
   9-20-12 Erie Island Resort & Marina Inc to Todd P. and Diane M. Winkie, vacant land, Darr Hopfinger Road, $25,000.
    9-21-12 William C. and Dianna L. Reed to Thomas Dewayne Proxmire, 4764 West Little Portage East Road, new split, $23,500.
Carroll Township
    9-20-12 Evelyn D. Sprague to Larry E. Mote, 8833 Canada Goose Court, $56,000.
Genoa Corp.
    9-19-12 Federal Home Loan mortgage Corporation to Christopher B. LaRoche and Kendall L. Freyer, 1518 Superior Street, $85,133.
    9-20-12 Fannie Mae to Chad and Jennifer Bomyea, 401 West 4th Street, $74,900.
Catawba Township
    9-21-12 Joseph A. Zulo to Roger Newman, water slip W-130, $3,000.
Danbury Township
    9-20-12 Robert L. and Mary T. James to Claudine A. Robertson, 702 East Third Street, $30,000.
Marblehead Corp
   9-21-12 Darylene A. Herold to Calvin F. and Janet E. Hiser, 10654 East Bayshore Road #85, $195,000.
Erie Township
    8-19-12 Tri Coast Holdings to William John Brackett, 6170 West Lakeshore Drive, $60,900.
Elmore Corp.
    9-17-12 Thomas A. and Sharon R. Crozier to Larger LLC, 409 Rice Street, $102,000.
Portage Township
    9-17-12 Mitchell and Marsha Warnike to Vergie Gipson Jr. and Mary Ann Gipson, Unit 336 Catawba Storage, $30,000.
    9-17-12 Winkoe LLC to William Taylor, Unit 134 Northcoast Storage Condo, $47,500.
    9-17-12 Seth Burkin and Gary Burkin to Seth and Heather Rakestraw, 3153 East Shore Drive, $255,000.
    9-19-12 National Bank of Oak Harbor to Scot A. Smith, 2435 Gill Road, $190,000.
Port Clinton City
    9-18-12 Shay J. Myers to Dennis L. and Patricia L. Fligor, 330 Maple, $16,000.
    9-19-12 Elizabeth A. Vento to Thomas C. and Nichole A. Horman, 218 Clinton Reef, $105,500.
    9-21-12 Jason R. and Stephanie M. Weeks to Burton R. Spry, 639 Monroe Street, $53,500.
Put In Bay Village School
    9-17-12 Patricia Braden to Forrest Trisler, vacant land, Langram, $92,500.

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