Real estate transfers

Bay Township

    10-17-13 Stuart and Jody Gahn to Zachary A. and Emily A. Vail, 1236 State Route 53, $115,000.

Carroll Township

    10-15-13 Richard B. and Karen S. Spohn to James P. and Deborah S. Mazanec, 6532 North Harris Harbor, $47,000.

Catawba Township

    10-15-13 Kim B. Brandenburg to Ronald M. and Cynthia F. Schatzle, 4390 Main Woods #D, $140,000.

    10-15-13 The Sanctuary Homes Development Ltd to Benjamin J. Salpietro Jr. and Gina L. Salpietro, 2850 North Sanctuary Drive, $836,800.

    10-15-13 Daniel T. Stryfeller to Jerry D. and Melissa M. Shaferly, 1629 Windward Drive, $140,000.

    10-15-13 Robert E. Walters Jr. and Merry Lee Walters to Daniel L. and Genna N. Blakley, 5483 East Center Lane, $90,000.

    10-18-13 Edward Suszkowski to Michael J. Schuessler, 4448 C Marin Harbor, $230,000.

Clay Township

    10-16-13 Deborah A. Busch-Gavaghan to Charles W. and Marlene Stelnicki, State route 51, vacant land $52,500.

Danbury Township

    10-15-13 Safe Harbor Development LTD to Richard C. and Lynn C. Nyzen, 5686 State Route 163 Unit A9, $69,000.

    10-15-13 Safe Harbor Development LTD to William R. and Gloria E. Tibbols, 5686 State Route 163 Unit B7, $77,000.

    10-16-13 David P. and Ann M. Zielinski to Kuzma Concrete & Construction LLC, 5831 State Route 163 Unit B8, $42,500.

    10-18-13 Thomas A. and Teresa J. Cheers to Daniel and Cheryl Galmarini, 2823 South Amherst Avenue, $215,000.

Erie Township

    10-18-13 Shirley J. Carozza to Michael and Kelly Berrier, 133 Schooner Point, $130,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

    10-18-13 Becky Lewis, Randall Bowman, and Beth Brackett to Mark D. and Tonya M. Hensley, 601 North Church Street, $82,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

    10-18-13 Alvy O. and Phyllis J. Jones to North Coast Property Maintenance & Management, 807 Edison Lane, $37,000.

Portage Township

    10-15-13 Shane K. and Felicia A. Sullenberger to Lawrence L. Sauvey, 1196 South Lake Street, $10,000.

    10-18-13 Therasa A. Blackford and Judith Wierzba to Betty J. and Terry Wharton, 3184 East Forest, $41,200.

Put In Bay Village School

    10-16-13 Margaret M. Harkness to Robert R. Uecker and Carol Mackin-Uecker, 1501 Windward #21, $185,000.

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